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Need Your BMW 3-Series Fixed? We Can Help!

Three Common BMW Series-3 Repairs BMW has a long legacy of making high-performance luxury vehicles. And their BMW Series-3 line is no exception. This sporty sedan is a favorite among BMW enthusiasts. However, like all other vehicles, the iconic BMW Series-3 can face wear and tear. The BMW repair experts at Silver Lake Auto & […]

Fuel Injector Failure in Your BMW

My Fuel Needs to Do What? It needs to be injected. A fuel injector does what its name suggests. If you drive a BMW, a vehicle known for performance, the fuel injectors are particularly important for sending in enough fuel to power your driving demands while properly balancing with the oxygen for optimally efficient operation. […]

Keep Your BMW 5 Series in Peak Condition

Common BMW 5 Series Repairs For anyone who has ever gotten behind the wheel of a BMW, it’s a well-known fact that the German automaker builds powerful and reliable luxury vehicles. Sadly, BMWs are not invincible machines. Eventually, your BMW 5 series will experience some wear and tear. Here are the most common BMW repairs […]

Overdue for an Oil Change? We Can Help!

How Long Can I Drive My Car Without an Oil Change? One of the easiest ways to preserve your car and keep it in great shape is by regularly changing its oil. Most modern cars need to have their oil changed between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. However, cars that use synthetic motor oil can go […]

Keep Your BMW Running At Its Best

Four Common BMW Engine Problems: What’s Wrong with My Luxury Car? For decades, BMW has produced luxury cars that are iconic for their style, comfort, and performance. And while BMWs are highly dependable vehicles that can last for years, they aren’t invincible. Eventually, your BMW will suffer from some under-the-hood problems. Luckily, the ASE-certified technicians […]

BMW Inspection I and II

What’s to be Done in BMW Inspection I and II? — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers If you own a BMW, you already know it’s a great car. That’s why you bought it. You should also recognize, however, that part of that famed longevity and performance is accounted for by following the manufacturer’s recommended […]

BMW Interesting Facts

Lots of Fun Things to Learn About BMW — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers If you own and drive a BMW, you certainly know many things about your car. You know that it’s a great car, reliable and stylish. You also know that it’s regarded as a status symbol. But did you know there […]