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Fuel Injector Failure in Your BMW

My Fuel Needs to Do What?

It needs to be injected. A fuel injector does what its name suggests. If you drive a BMW, a vehicle known for performance, the fuel injectors are particularly important for sending in enough fuel to power your driving demands while properly balancing with the oxygen for optimally efficient operation. If you need help with your fuel injectors or any other BMW repair, see the ASE-certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Since 1973, we’ve been your trusted local automotive shop, sparing you the time, expense, and trouble of traveling to a dealership for service.

What Can Happen to the Fuel Injectors?

It seems like a simple job, so what could go wrong with your vehicle’s fuel injectors? The most obvious is normal use. Any component on any make or model is likely to show its age eventually. Another source of trouble for fuel injectors is trashy fuel. When debris or other contaminants are in the fuel, your car’s injectors are more likely to become clogged and malfunction. The manufacturer recommends using only high-quality fuel (premium) in your BMW. Along that same line of thought, failure to change the fuel filters as recommended will also lead to trouble. Once the filters have done their jobs until they can no longer catch and hold particles, dirty fuel bypasses virtually unfiltered and increases the risk of a fuel injector clog. Finally, the overall health of your automobile is important because components and systems are interrelated. Therefore, it’s important to maintain regular service visits. If you don’t, one problem may lead to another, including fuel injector failure.

How Will I Know?

You’ll know–or at least have a pretty good suspicion–if your fuel injectors aren’t working optimally! First, you’re likely to notice a decrease in your mileage per gallon or tank. Also, you may notice that your auto seems to run roughly or hesitate when you try to start it. Your check engine light may illuminate, too. You may even begin to smell fuel in the passenger area. If so, your car needs immediate attention. You could have a leak around the fuel injectors, putting you at risk of a vehicle fire. Regardless of the signs you observe, however, you’ll know exactly where to bring your automobile for BMW repair–Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers