The Low Down On CVT Transmissions

Breaking Down the Vehicle System Understanding how Continuously Variable Transmissions work is easier when each word is examined independently and then pieced back together. So here’s the low down: Continuously – The easiest of the three words means to perform without interruption. To get the full effect, some synonyms for continuously are constantly, ongoing, and

The Death of an Engine and How to Avoid it

Prevent Nasty Engine Sludge It sneaks around when no one is looking. It doesn’t care if it’s day or night. It can paralyze its enemy if its enemy isn’t super careful. Then it starts to destroy everything else in sight. It’s dark and clumpy and oozes all over. What is it? It’s engine sludge! The

Watch Out for These Engine Repair Signs

And Head Straight to a Professional An engine repair issue requires expertise that most drivers don’t have. Watch out for one of these common signs that you need repair services and don’t hesitate to take your vehicle to a reliable Wisconsin auto center for affordable inspections and repairs. Enjoy unbeatable services and prompt repairs from

What Motor Oil Does Your Car Need?

Which Kind is Best for Your Vehicle? Are you trying to figure out what type of motor oil to purchase for your car? Maybe you aren’t familiar with the many different types, or you just purchased a new vehicle and aren’t up to speed on its needs. Whatever the case may be, the oil change

Safe Towing Tips

Four Ways to Tow a Car A broken-down vehicle creates a stressful situation. Whether your car is parked in your driveway or on the side of the road, find out how to tow it to a nearby auto shop for safe, efficient repairs. Here are four safe towing strategies to consider. Use Tow Straps The