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Interesting Traffic Laws Around the World

Surprising Traffic Laws Around the World and in the US — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Traffic laws are supposed to add order and sensibility to driving, but a review of some of the laws we found across the world and even our own country leave one to wonder, “Are you serious?” While not […]


Why does the TPMS sensor come on? Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) lights can come on for several reasons, the most common being a leak/damage to the tire or changes in the air pressure (1psi decrease for every 10-degree drop in temperature).  When the TPMS sensor comes on, it will either flash, or stay on […]

More Than Just a Clown Car: Volkswagen Fun Facts

Volkswagen Fun Facts When you were a kid, did you ever go to the circus and watch what seemed to be an endless stream of clowns pour out of a tiny car? If you did, chances are great that you watched them unfold themselves from the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle. It’s whimsical domed shape […]

Transmission Rebuilds

Is a Transmission Rebuild the Right Option for You? — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers If your car or truck has a transmission issue, you may wonder if a rebuild is the way to go. That depends on your timeline, budget, and specific desires for your vehicle. Schedule an appointment to talk about rebuilds […]

Car Battery Types

Understanding The Types of Car Batteries — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Until you need a new battery for your car, you may not realize there are so many choices. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Arm yourself with a little relevant information, and you’ll feel in “charge” of the battery buying experience. At […]

Tesla Care

With the ever increasing lure of the electric vehicle (EV) it’s important to know how to protect your investment and maintain it properly. Although the days of your normal “oil change” visits to your automotive repair facility will be less, there are still some very important things to remember when it comes to regularly servicing […]

All Season, All Weather, or Winter Only. What tire is right for me?

This is the time of the year where we find ourselves talking about tires with our customers quite often. When it comes to making decisions about tires, we know it is a confusing world full of a multitude of options. One of the most important things that we try to do is learn from our […]

Mercedes-Benz A & B Service

A and B Service for Your “Grade A” Car — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Anything labeled “Grade A” has always represented the highest standard. The same is true for your prized Mercedes-Benz. Since its inception with the first car patent in 1886, this vehicle has been recognized as top of the line by […]

Growing the Future

I have leared a lot from my dad over the years. So much I cannot even begin to create a library of lessons learned from dad. But I do know what the first lesson was. Learn to love the business.  In the early days of “working” with my dad, there was much playing in the tow […]

Factors That Go Into Fleet Management

Can Somebody Please Help Me Figure Out Fleet Management? — Silver Lake Auto & TIre Centers Yes, we can do that. Get used to hearing that more often. If you own a business, Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is here to assist you with all your fleet preventive maintenance service, repair, […]

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