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Four Common BMW Engine Problems: What’s Wrong with My Luxury Car?

For decades, BMW has produced luxury cars that are iconic for their style, comfort, and performance. And while BMWs are highly dependable vehicles that can last for years, they aren’t invincible. Eventually, your BMW will suffer from some under-the-hood problems.

Luckily, the ASE-certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in New Berlin, Wisconsin, are no strangers to BMW repairs. Here are the four most common BMW engine issues we fix in our shop.

  1. VANOS Failure
  2. Many BMWs are equipped with the brand’s VANOS system, a variable valve timing system. This intricate system is responsible for how much oil can flow to the cam gears, opening and closing the valves. If your VANOS system fails, your BMW may experience poor idling, a loss of power, decreased fuel economy, the occasional limp mode, and more. We especially see this issue in BMWs with over 70,000 miles racked up on the odometer.

  3. Faulty Engine Cooling System

    One of the most common engine problems we see in BMWs is an overheated engine. This is typically caused by a damaged water pump or coolant leak. Your water pump will generally fail around the 80,000-mile mark. We suggest getting a new pump that includes a metal impeller, which is the culprit behind many engine failures.

  4. Bad Thermostat
  5. Is your BMW getting too hot to handle? It may be because of a thermostat failure. Sometimes mistaken for a damaged water pump, thermostat failure can cause overheating, erratic temperature changes, and your engine having trouble reaching normal running temperatures.

  6. Leaky Valve Cover Gasket
  7. The fourth most common BMW engine issue we repair at our shop is a valve cover gasket leak. This can result from a cracked valve cover or a degrading valve cover gasket. The result is the same for both – a dangerous oil leak. If your BMW’s valve cover gasket is leaking, your low engine oil light may come on or might soak your ignition coils in oil.

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Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers