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Why Is My Volkswagen Rattling?

It’s Not Maracas The sound can carry you away. Shake, rattle, sway. The bad news? You’re not still on vacation, nor is this the sound of maracas and island music. It’s your Volkswagen rattling as you prepare to make your morning commute. The good news? You can get great Volkswagen repair at Silver Lake Auto […]

We’ll Keep Your VW in Pristine Condition

What is a Volkswagen TSI Engine? What You Need to Know Like every Volkswagen enthusiast already knows, VWs are zippy cars with loads of dependability. So, what makes a Volkswagen so reliable? We’re glad you asked! Many Volkswagen vehicles are outfitted with a TSI engine. This innovative engine offers premium performance with lower fuel consumption. […]

More Than Just a Clown Car: Volkswagen Fun Facts

Volkswagen Fun Facts When you were a kid, did you ever go to the circus and watch what seemed to be an endless stream of clowns pour out of a tiny car? If you did, chances are great that you watched them unfold themselves from the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle. It’s whimsical domed shape […]

The Most Common VW Repairs

Volkswagens and Their Common Repairs — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Since the spring of 1937, Volkswagen has been loved as “the people’s car.” Affordable, functional, and sometimes fun, the VW line has a reputation for solid, reliable transportation. Like any auto line, however, it has some commonly noted repairs. At Silver Lake Auto […]