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The Most Common VW Repairs

Volkswagens and Their Common Repairs — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Since the spring of 1937, Volkswagen has been loved as “the people’s car.” Affordable, functional, and sometimes fun, the VW line has a reputation for solid, reliable transportation. Like any auto line, however, it has some commonly noted repairs. At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in New Berlin, Wisconsin, we’re glad to provide the information you need to recognize these issues. We’re also your local dealership alternative for all your preventive maintenance service and repair needs. Schedule an appointment to experience the same great customer service we’ve been offering since the American heyday of the Volkswagen “bus” and Beetle (circa 1973).

Days of Old

Even in the old days, VW’s were known for running almost forever. They were also known for needing frequent minor repairs. Former owners of classics often report spending a dollar here, a dollar there. Most of the repairs weren’t costly, but they were frequent. Many seemed to stem from the vibration of the motors, particularly in the old bug. Sometimes the old motors would even jostle the gas lines loose or cause them to break, accounting for the number of reported car fires.

Modern VW Quirks

Even though the modern VW’s are different from the classics, there are some issues that are more commonly seen than others. For example, the check engine light can be a problem in the Jetta models newer than 2013. This is sometimes a result of an electrical wiring or computer malfunction rather than engine trouble. If your check engine light is on, you should have it checked to be sure. Also, some Volkswagen owners complain of frequent rattles. This may stem from rear springs, muffler brackets, or other undercarriage components. The great news is that most of the usual culprits are simple to correct. By far, the greatest frustration for today’s VW owners who want to tinker on their own cars is the universality of tools. While the old stand-bys fit many vehicles as well as some of the Volkswagen components, some parts can be changed or adjusted only if you have a special tool that’s made just to fit a VW.

Your Local Partner for Volkswagen Repair

If you don’t have that custom tool or if you don’t feel comfortable performing the work on your own auto, there’s still a great solution for you without planning an expensive or time consuming visit to a dealership. Simply schedule an appointment with the ASE certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in New Berlin. We opened the doors to our first location at the height of the American love affair with Volkswagens. Although we work on any make or model, we’re still your go-to VW shop.

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