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Potholes vs. Cars: Why Vehicle Inspections are Necessary in Spring

Winter is just about on its way out! *Nervously knocks on wood*

As exciting as it is to think of sunny days, birds chirping, and spring break road trips, we may need to face the realities of what winter has done to our vehicles first.

We live in Wisconsin, so we’re no strangers to potholes. They cover our roads and are even harder to see in winter. In only the first half of 2019, Milwaukee had 8,000 complaints of potholes filed and TODAY’S TMJ4 found that just one of those potholes had “caused more than $5,000 in damage and blown out 12 tires in the span of two weeks”.p>

There’s a good chance you’ve had a few run-ins with potholes this winter, and with the addition of some harsh weather conditions, your vehicle could have more damage than you realize. Winters cause extra wear and tear on tires, and potholes can be devastating to a car’s alignment.

That’s why when Spring rolls around it’s important to have your vehicle’s alignment, suspension components, bushings, and steering inspected. Ideally, you have this checked at the beginning of Spring after the harsh conditions of winter have passed and before the season of road tripping begins.

Take control over the pothole nemesis and have your vehicle checked at one of our auto repair shops in Oconomowoc, North Lake, or Brookfield. For Spring 2020, stop in and take advantage of our Pothole Special, which includes an alignment check, steering & suspension inspection, tire balance & rotation, and digital courtesy inspection for $42.95. Make your appointment at silverlakeauto.com/schedule or give us a call!

Written by Megan Rademan