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When Should You Call a Tow Truck?

To Tow or Not to Tow? — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Nobody wants to experience car trouble along the road or be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, these things do happen. When you encounter a problem, perhaps you wonder if you should call for a tow or try to go it alone. That […]

How to be a More Eco Friendly Driver

Love Your Car and the Environment — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers CONTENT: More than 3/4 of adults in America say they’re concerned about the environment and would like to reduce their impact. Most, however, feel there’s little they can do when it comes to their cars. They rely on and enjoy personal transportation. […]

Jeep Parts You Should Keep Your Eye On

The Most Common Jeep Repairs You Should Be Aware Of — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Do you want an all around fun vehicle? Jeep. Need to tow your boat? Jeep. Want to go off-roading or get to the ski lodge? Jeep. That’s right. Jeeps are great, and owners love them. Like any auto, […]

Do You Have Water Damage in Your Mercedes-Benz?

Watching YourCar For Signs Of Water Damage — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Although it’s hard to beat the fun of a summer day with a boat on your favorite body of water, moisture and water are the enemy of your prized Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, it’s important that you keep a check on your car […]

Fleet Route Optimization

The Importance of Fleet Route Optimization — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers When you run a business, it’s in your best interest to keep transportation costs down as much as possible and to keep your customers happy. These outcomes are particularly important when your livelihood involves deliveries. We can give you a few pointers […]

Summer Maintenance Prep

Pre-Season Conditioning for Your Car School might be on its way out for the summer, but road-trips and warmer temps are on their way in! Wisconsin is a great state for daily and weekend outings. From lazing around on one of Lake Michigan’s beautiful beaches to braving some wild rides in Wisconsin Dells, you’re about […]

What Is Limp Mode?

A Real-World Analogy to Understand Limp Mode — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers You’re driving along and your car begins behaving strangely. The check engine light comes on, and the vehicle slows to a very slow pace. You weren’t trying to decelerate, and you can’t make the auto go any faster. What’s happening, you […]

BMW Interesting Facts

Lots of Fun Things to Learn About BMW — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers If you own and drive a BMW, you certainly know many things about your car. You know that it’s a great car, reliable and stylish. You also know that it’s regarded as a status symbol. But did you know there […]

Why You Need to Prioritize Maintenance

The Importance of Prioritizing Vehicle Maintenance — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Every car owner knows deep down that auto maintenance is important. Even so, not everyone understands the true importance of timely key services. Also, it can be tempting to skip or delay mechanical work when your vehicle seems to be running fine. […]

What’s on the Wisconsin State Inspection?

Understanding Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Requirements — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Some car owners/drivers feel nervous about state vehicle inspections. What are the requirements? What if the auto doesn’t pass? Really, there’s no need to worry. Bring your vehicle to Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin. We’ve been a support system […]