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Summer Maintenance Prep

Pre-Season Conditioning for Your Car School might be on its way out for the summer, but road-trips and warmer temps are on their way in! Wisconsin is a great state for daily and weekend outings. From lazing around on one of Lake Michigan’s beautiful beaches to braving some wild rides in Wisconsin Dells, you’re about […]

What Is Limp Mode?

A Real-World Analogy to Understand Limp Mode — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers You’re driving along and your car begins behaving strangely. The check engine light comes on, and the vehicle slows to a very slow pace. You weren’t trying to decelerate, and you can’t make the auto go any faster. What’s happening, you […]

BMW Interesting Facts

Lots of Fun Things to Learn About BMW — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers If you own and drive a BMW, you certainly know many things about your car. You know that it’s a great car, reliable and stylish. You also know that it’s regarded as a status symbol. But did you know there […]

Why You Need to Prioritize Maintenance

The Importance of Prioritizing Vehicle Maintenance — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Every car owner knows deep down that auto maintenance is important. Even so, not everyone understands the true importance of timely key services. Also, it can be tempting to skip or delay mechanical work when your vehicle seems to be running fine. […]

What’s on the Wisconsin State Inspection?

Understanding Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Requirements — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Some car owners/drivers feel nervous about state vehicle inspections. What are the requirements? What if the auto doesn’t pass? Really, there’s no need to worry. Bring your vehicle to Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin. We’ve been a support system […]

Fun Facts About Mercedes-Benz

Interesting Facts About Your Mercedes-Benz — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers You know your Mercedes-Benz as a reliable, long-lasting luxury car. But did you know there’s a lot of interesting facts hiding behind that iconic symbol? From development to safety to performance, there’s a story behind nearly every aspect of this German auto. There’s […]

How Do Oil Filters Work?

Your Underappreciated Oil Filter — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Most oil filters don’t cost a lot of money, but they sure do work hard. If you’re wondering exactly what function that part serves or suspect it’s time for a change, trust your vehicle to the ASE-certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire […]

Fleet Driver Safety Tips

The Importance of Driver Safety and Preparation — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Fleet safety doesn’t just happen on its own, nor is it the sole responsibility of one person. Maintaining a safe fleet takes teamwork. Owners/Managers as well as drivers have unique roles in ensuring smooth travels. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers […]

Gasoline V. Diesel Engines

An Even-Handed Comparison Differences don’t always have to stir up debate. Sometimes capitalizing on those differences is the best approach. Take diesel and gasoline engines, for example. Yes, they are both internal combustion engines, but they do have their differences. And yes, they both have some unfavorable attributes. But that shouldn’t make it a competition. […]

BUS101: Introduction to Fleet Management

We’re Your Partner for Fleet Management Like a kid in a toy store, you’ll be asking yourself, “Do I want cars, vans, or trucks?” Perhaps, you’ll want a mix of all three! That’s just one matter you’ll have to consider when looking for commercial vehicles. It certainly can be a very rewarding venture, but you […]