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Why We Tow

Why We Do What We Do

Towing isn’t glamorous, but it is rewarding. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in North Lake, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas is proud to be a trusted resource for our drivers while they’re on the road. When trouble strikes, you can call us for immediate roadside assistance!

We Care About You

Our team cares about drivers in our community. We know that it can be dangerous to get stranded on the side of the road with vehicle problems, and we want to be able to step in to help in those situations. With full towing and roadside services, we can respond to our customer’s car problems when they need us most. We can also help anyone who happens to have a breakdown while passing through North Lake, Wisconsin! If you can, we suggest that you always pull off of highways and major roads to a parking lot or another safe area if you know your vehicle has a problem. If you don’t have time to pull over, know that our team can still reach you and get your car to safety before fixing the issue.

We Care About Your Vehicle

Vehicle breakdowns are stressful. They also mean that your car has reached its limit and can’t go any further. That doesn’t mean it will never run again, but it does need professional attention. As an expert auto repair center, we have the technicians and equipment to handle auto repairs once our tow trucks bring vehicles to our shop. From our first response on the roadside to one of our service bays, your vehicle will be handled by an expert who understands how to do the job right without causing further damage. We want to restore your vehicle’s performance and safety, and we have the right training and tools to do that. Moving quickly from the time your vehicle breaks down to the shop without causing extra strain on the vehicle is crucial. Our towing services allow us to safely transport vehicles without risking further degradation and damage.

We Care About Our Community

When drivers have a trusted resource for their vehicle emergencies, it makes the roads a safer place for everyone! Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers is dedicated to making our community of drivers confident in their vehicles first with high-quality repairs and maintenance. If problems do come up, you can call on our towing services to pick you up. Clearing the road of broken down vehicles is important, and we want to give drivers a safe option when their vehicle is not reliable to drive across town to our shop.

Written by Megan Rademan