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What You Need to Know About Your Tires

Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers is Your Tire Specialist!

Does your vehicle need a new set of tires? You might think that all tires are the same, but there are actually hundreds to choose from! With so many options, it can be hard to find the right tires for your specific vehicle. Silver Lake Auto, your local tire specialists are here to help! Let us simplify the selection process. We can tell you what tires fit your vehicle’s requirements and your specific needs. Different sizes, applications, speed ratings, and load indexes create a complicated world of tires for you to choose from. Silver Lake Auto’s Tire Center is here to make finding new tires easy.

How to Find the Right Set of Tires

Finding the right set of tires for your individual vehicle is crucial. With so many different sizes and styles, how can you figure out what you need? Tires could be the difference between mega gas savings and poor fuel economy. Not to mention, the right tires for your application will improve traction and safety on the road! So when you need a new set, there are a few places you can start:

  1. Check Your Owner’s Manual – There are pages of helpful information about your vehicle model and its tire specifications in the owner’s manual.

  2. Read the Door Placard – This is the easiest place to find the best information about your car’s tires. You can find the recommended size, tire pressure and more on the door placard. Always follow the recommended tire pressure on the door placard, because it accounts for the vehicle’s maximum pressure and load requirements.

  3. Look at the Tires Themselves – Have you ever noticed the numbers on the side of your tires? All tires have these numbers on them, which tell you about their width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, speed rating, load index, and pressure. This can be helpful in finding a new set that fits as well as your old ones!

  4. Talk to a Service Advisor at Silver Lake Auto – Our tire sales specialists have worked with the industry’s best tire brands for years and can guide you through the selection process. Based on your daily driving habits and demands, our service advisors can point you to the right set of tires.

Written by Dan Garlock