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What To Do When You Need A Tow

No matter how well we take care of cars, there is always a time where they breakdown. Whether you get stuck in the snow or there’s an accident or engine failure, most cars will make at least one trip on a tow truck. While you’re waiting on a tow, here are a few key tips to keeping yourself safe and making the towing process as smooth as possible.


Get out of harm’s way

Accidents happen. Cars break down. The most important thing is keeping all passengers safe. Stay Calm! If possible, move your car as far out of the flow as traffic as you can. If you have been in an accident or the car won’t move under it’s own power, use traffic cones or flares to direct traffic away from your vehicle.

Don’t move!

Despite everything you may think, it’s important for you to stay in your car. In the case that someone driving along doesn’t see your car, you’re much safer inside your car than you are beside or in front of it. While you wait, get all your information in order including insurance papers and any valuables you may have in your car.

Make your phone calls

Here’s a list of people you should call in case of an emergancy.

  • Police- If there’s been an accident, don’t losing time calling the local authorities to file a report.
  • Insurance Company- Your insurance company not only covers accidents, they can also help with roadside assistance if your policy covers it.
  • Auto/Roadside Assistance Club- There are several automotive clubs that offer towing, like AAA. Many of these companies will cover assistance including changing a tire, jumping a dead battery and delivering gas.
  • Towing Company- Towing companies often charge by the mile, so if you know of a towing company that’s close to where you are, you may save a few dollars. Also, if a towing company is also an auto repair facility, you’ll avoid having to tow your car twice.
  • A Loved One- After all the particulars are sorted and you’re waiting on the authorities or a tow, it can help to call someone to talk you. Check in with them and ask them to alert anyone that may be worried about you. This can also help ease your nerves.

If you’re in need of towing services in North Lake or Oconomowoc, give us a call here at Silver Lake Auto at (262) 567-4131.

Written by Dan Garlock