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What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down Away From Home

Finding Professional Care for Your Import Vehicle

If you regularly visit Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in North Lake, Wisconsin for your vehicle’s repairs and services, you’ve probably become accustomed to a high level of specialized automotive care. You trust our professionals for expert services designed to empower vehicles. But what do you do if your vehicle needs repairs and you aren’t near our shop to handle them? We wouldn’t want our drivers to stick around the area in fear that their vehicle might break down, which is why we provide preventative maintenance services to keep cars in top condition. But should anything unexpected pop up while you are on the road, keep these tips in mind to find a capable auto repair team.

Search for Certifications

When you need repairs on the road, you should try to find a shop with certifications that prove their skills are on par with industry standards. ASE, I-CAR, ATRA, and other certifications mean that the technicians meet expected levels for training, knowledge, and skills in their field and can perform repairs properly. Your import vehicle is best left in the hands of a certified professional over the cheapest or closest repair team.

Find a Specialist

Depending on where you are when you need repairs, you may be able to find a specialized import repair shop close by, just like Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers! In combination with industry certifications, a dedicated specialist will understand your specific vehicle and the unique repairs it needs. There are auto repair experts across the United States, so do a quick search to find one in your area in the event of an unexpected issue.

Look for a Nationwide Warranty

If you need repairs while on the road, you need them to be completed correctly the first time. Chances are you won’t want to return to the shop for any fixes as a result of ineffective repairs. We recommend finding a repair shop that offers a nationwide warranty on their services, like ours in Hartford, Wisconsin. Then, no matter where you end up, you can find professional care and coverage in case of any additional repairs. NAPA AutoCare Centers are a network of professional auto technicians. Finding one in your area is always a safe bet for sudden repairs!

Written by Dan Garlock