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Summer Maintenance Prep

Pre-Season Conditioning for Your Car

School might be on its way out for the summer, but road-trips and warmer temps are on their way in! Wisconsin is a great state for daily and weekend outings. From lazing around on one of Lake Michigan’s beautiful beaches to braving some wild rides in Wisconsin Dells, you’re about to create some lasting memories! To ensure your outings won’t be spent on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, you’ll want to have an automotive specialist check your vehicle over from bumper to bumper, tightening, filling, replacing, or fixing anything that can get in the way of your good time. Oconomowoc’s Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center is just the place you’ll want to do business.

Summer Ready Services

Winter certainly takes its toll on vehicles, especially up here in these northern parts of the globe. Extreme temperatures contribute to all sorts of issues that you should not ignore. And if you’re not an expert in car care, bring it to a reputable shop. Professional auto repair specialists know just what to do to get your car, truck, or SUV ready for the summer season. They’ll top off all your fluids and change the oil and oil filter if necessary. Checking the tires will be a priority since the air becomes denser in cold weather, causing a decrease in pressure. Windshield wiper blades will likely be switched out as well as your battery, as these components take a beating in the winter months due to overexposure or overuse. Other pitfalls your mechanic will be on the lookout for are leaks and a cruddy undercarriage and brakes. Salt used to prevent freezing on the roads can eat away at any metal parts within its reach. That salt is a bittersweet solution!

Auto Specialists Provide Answers

You may not realize what’s happening behind the scenes as you make your way around in the winter. That’s why you must have a professional make things right. Trained automotive specialists do know what goes on inside and out. What might seem like a hassle now can save you time and money. Besides, this type of service doesn’t take very long. You might even enjoy sticking around if you choose Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center to perform this essential car care. It’s friendly and comfortable, offering free Wi-Fi, freshly baked cookies, and free coffee. You might want to visit even if you don’t require their automotive services!

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers