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Interesting Traffic Laws Around the World

Surprising Traffic Laws Around the World and in the US — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Traffic laws are supposed to add order and sensibility to driving, but a review of some of the laws we found across the world and even our own country leave one to wonder, “Are you serious?” While not every law makes seems reasonable, you can be sure that getting routine maintenance services, repairs, towing, or tires for your vehicle at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, makes perfect sense. We’ve been your local logical choice since 1973.

Unexpected Traffic Laws from Abroad

Caution on rainy days! There’s a fine in Japan for wetting walkers with road spray from your car. After that rain, you’d better wash away the mud. In Moscow, Russia, you might be fined for driving a nasty vehicle. Dress nicely for your drive, too. Montreal, Canada, requires taxi drivers to wear long black pants and clean white shirts at all times when on duty. Thailand’s travel dress code is more lenient. You’re not allowed to drive or ride topless there. In France, don’t leave home without your personal breathalyzer device. You’ll need it as you’re driving as part of the nation’s effort to curb drunk driving. Unless your pet fits inside your auto, perhaps you should leave it at home in Ontario, Canada, where the law reads that you may not race any animal on the road.

Unbelievable Traffic Laws in the United States

Before you poke too much fun at our foreign friends, take a gander at some of our own sheepish rules. In Montana, you aren’t permitted to drive with a sheep in your auto unless it has a chaperone. Louisville, Kentucky has a law against allowing your pet to “molest” a vehicle. (Stick to the hydrants and bushes, Fido!) You can ride your horse along the road in Texarkana, Texas, at night, but you have to attach tail lights to its . . . well, you know where. Also, be sure to put money in the parking meter before tying an alligator, elephant, or goat to it in Florida. (It’s legal once you’ve paid.) In California, don’t shoot animals from your car unless you’re aiming for whales. If you park in front of Dunkin’ Donuts in South Berwick, Maine, you’ll get a ticket, not a sweet treat, and make sure you never clean your car with old underwear in San Francisco, California. (Doesn’t that just poop your party?)

Help with Servicing and Repairing Your Car, but Maybe Not the Laws

At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers, we’ll help you with all your vehicle service and repair needs, but we can’t help you with legal advice.

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