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How Winter/Cold Affects Your Battery

As the winter months and cold temperatures continue to linger, you may begin to notice some issues with your vehicle’s battery not working like it does during the rest of the year. What you may not know is that temperatures directly affect a battery’s performance. 


Vehicle batteries are rated in cold-cranking amps (CCA), which is the amount of current a battery has the ability to put forth for a timespan of thirty seconds at the temperature of zero degrees fahrenheit. 


When the temperature continues to drop, in turn, so does the battery’s ability to provide ample power to start the vehicle and keep it running. Temperatures dipping below freezing point can diminish the battery power anywhere from thirty percent to sixty percent. However, the battery will recharge on its own as the vehicle is being driven. The reason you may begin to notice your battery not functioning at full potential is because batteries are operational through an electrochemical reaction, a reaction which can slow considerably in colder weather. 


To ensure maximum battery life and operation, we recommend getting your battery tested just before winter. That’s why we offer complimentary battery checks with every service; give us a call!

Abbey Wegner, Service Advisor

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers