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How to be a More Eco Friendly Driver

Love Your Car and the Environment — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers


More than 3/4 of adults in America say they’re concerned about the environment and would like to reduce their impact. Most, however, feel there’s little they can do when it comes to their cars. They rely on and enjoy personal transportation. The great news is that there’s a win-win compromise. You don’t have to stop driving to be more eco friendly. At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in North Lake, Wisconsin, we can offer you some tips for more environmentally friendly motoring. We’re also available for all your vehicle service and repair needs. Pay us a visit, and see why we’ve been a customer favorite since 1973.

Tips for Minimizing Your Environmental Tire Tracks

People frequently use the cliche about reducing your environmental footprint, but when it comes to transportation, it’s not your feet that’s the problem. In modern day Wisconsin and America, all the daily driving we do in our personal cars makes an impact. While we all aren’t going to suddenly stop driving, there are simple things we can do to minimize our environmental tire tracks. For example, when you fill your auto, stop pumping fuel when the tank is full. “Packing” in extra fuel in an effort to either get to the next even dollar or go an extra few miles on a fill-up actually provides more opportunity for fuel to evaporate into the air. Also, take care of your tires. Proper inflation helps your auto roll with less resistance, enabling it to use less fuel. Although some drivers don’t realize it, routine maintenance not only helps your car operate efficiently. It protects the environment because optimal operation uses less fuel and emits fewer contaminants. Think about your AC use, too. Using the air conditioner at full road speed consumes less gas because of the reduction in drag caused by open windows, but using it on short, low-speed trips may increase fuel consumption. Finally, within reason, balance your driving and braking so that you’re not speeding and slamming on brakes repeatedly.

Your Local Automotive Partner

As described, car care is very important to reducing your personal impact on the environment. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers can help you with all the details related to your quest to keep your vehicle operating optimally. Whether you need routine maintenance, major or minor repairs for any make or model, or new tires and tire care, we’re your local partner for going more green. Having been locally owned and operated through two generations of our family, we recognize that we’re all in this together. We care about taking care of the North Lake area as much as you do. Together, we can make a difference.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers