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Why You Need to Prioritize Maintenance

The Importance of Prioritizing Vehicle Maintenance — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Every car owner knows deep down that auto maintenance is important. Even so, not everyone understands the true importance of timely key services. Also, it can be tempting to skip or delay mechanical work when your vehicle seems to be running fine. At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we not only recognize the importance of routine car care, we’re here to help you with yours. Our ASE-certified technicians can lighten your load, enabling you to keep your transportation operating at its best for a long time. Come see why they’ve been the trusted neighborhood family owned shop for maintenance and repair for nearly a half century.

The Measurement Adage: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

We’ve heard our elders use the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This rule of thumb is more about timing than actual measurement. Timely care is easier and less expensive than fixing significant problems. While this may be applied to many topics, it is particularly true for your vehicle. A little time and money today can actually save you a lot of cash and headache later. It may even keep your car on the road for years longer than it would otherwise be operable. That’s great whether you’re planning to drive the auto yourself or trade or sell it. Therefore, don’t think of preventive services as optional.

For instance, make sure you change your oil as scheduled. Oil lubricates the moving engine parts, reducing friction. Also, it absorbs heat and suspends the debris that would otherwise damage engine components. Fresh motor oil is crucial because old lubricant breaks down, losing its protective properties. Left unchanged too long, old degraded oil can combine with dirt to form sludge. Fluid loss or low fluid levels can become a hazard for your car, as well. Therefore, you should check fluids such as brake, power steering, and antifreeze/coolant, topping them off as needed. Don’t forget the tires. Proper inflation and scheduled rotating and balancing will help you get more wear from them. Also, make sure you monitor tread depth to help ensure sufficient traction. Less frequently, you may find that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, especially if there’s been a crash or other damage. Take care of other prevention needs, too, such as replacing worn belts and hoses, changing old spark plugs, and exchanging air filters for both the passenger cabin and engine.

Help with all Your Preventive Automotive Maintenance Needs

You don’t have to put off needed services. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers is here to help you take care of all your mechanical needs.

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