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Why You Need Regular Oil Changes

How Bad Oil Damages Your Car

If you’ve ever skipped or postponed an oil change, you probably didn’t notice any effects on your engine. You may be tempted to delay an oil change until a convenient time. Learn more about the dangers of postponing oil changing services and learn where you can go to receive affordable and prompt services in Oconomowoc, WI today.

What Is Bad Oil?

Your car’s oil system is essential for preventing all your engine’s moving parts from grinding, scraping, and seizing as it runs. When it runs smoothly, clean oil evenly coats all the necessary parts and keeps your car running efficiently. Ideally, your oil should be completely free from contaminants and sludge.

Unfortunately, some wear is bound to happen so that small metal shards can collect in your oil. Dirt and other contaminants may be present in your oil, particularly as it degrades over time. All of these materials contaminate your oil. Conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend oil types all collect contaminants over time.

How Dirty Oil Damages Your Car

While your oil filter prevents dirt, debris, and sludge from running through your engine, it can’t filter out all the contaminants in your oil. Over time, all this debris can start to clog your engine oil passages, corrode components, and decrease the lubrication efficiency of your vehicle.

At first, you may not notice any adverse effects. Over time, however, you’ll experience increased wear and tear on your engine. Depending on your vehicle and driving habits, you should be changing your oil every 3,000 to 7,500 miles to keep your engine operating smoothly and to prevent sudden engine failure. A damaged engine is a costly repair, so follow proper maintenance scheduling to prevent this expensive mistake.

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To learn more about the ideal oil change schedule for your car, schedule a service today at one of our premier Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers locations. Whether you live near Oconomowoc, North Lake, or Brookfield, WI, we have a convenient location and qualified team to assist you in your oil change and other maintenance services. Enjoy affordable services that can prevent a major breakdown and keep your oil running smoothly.

Written by Megan Rademan