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Watch Out for These Engine Repair Signs

And Head Straight to a Professional

An engine repair issue requires expertise that most drivers don’t have. Watch out for one of these common signs that you need repair services and don’t hesitate to take your vehicle to a reliable Wisconsin auto center for affordable inspections and repairs. Enjoy unbeatable services and prompt repairs from a leader in auto inspections and repairs.

Unusual Vibrations

One sign that you need to repair your engine is unusual vibrations. Vibrating is common when your vehicle is running, but a harsh, metal-on-metal sound isn’t. Listen for these harsh sounds and feelings of grating metal and have a mechanic inspect your engine before it seizes. Some vibrations are simply caused by a loose muffler or another issue, so this sign may not be as serious as an engine repair issue.

Knocking Sounds

Loud knocking sounds or muffled tapping sounds are all signs of low oil. Your engine needs lubricant to prevent it from severe damage. Check your oil immediately and stop by an auto shop to see if you need to replace any engine components.

Loud knocking noises typically mean your vehicle has very little oil. You may have to call a local tow service rather than drive your car to the shop. Attempting to drive a vehicle with little or no oil could cause your engine to seize, which is a costly fix.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Your engine’s compression stroke affects your fuel economy. This is one of the most generic signs because there is a wide range of issues that could cause reduced fuel economy. If it isn’t being caused by a leak in your system, a damaged O2 sensor or another common issue, it may be a sign you need engine repair services.

Restore Your Engine in Oconomowoc

Stop by Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, for a reliable, ASE-certified team of mechanics and friendly customer service agents. At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers, we offer the best warranty in town, competitive towing services and full-service testing and repairs. We offer a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty on our services and keep you in the loop throughout the process. Schedule a service today to restore your engine’s full capabilities and prevent a minor issue from seriously affecting your vehicle.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers