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Using the Wrong Fuel Type

Does Fuel Type Matter? — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Everyone has those occasional bad days. Your mind is elsewhere, and you can’t seem to concentrate on routine tasks. Usually, no harm comes of it. At worst, you pour out the cup of coffee to which you added salt instead of sugar and start again with a fresh cup. But what happens if the problem is more serious? Does it matter if you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle? Yes, it does matter, and it can be a costly mistake. For information about the mix-up and related service and repairs, count on Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. We’ve been helping our neighbors with “Oops!” since 1973.

Diesel Fuel in Your Gasoline Engine

Even on a bad day, you’re not likely to get diesel fuel into your gasoline engine. Suppliers help you by making diesel nozzles larger and the color of the handle different. Thus, you’ll likely notice the green /yellow pump handle. Also, the nozzle probably won’t fit into your fill opening. If you do manage to get diesel into the tank, you’re probably going to soon realize your error. If you recognize this while filling, don’t start the vehicle. Call for assistance. If you do begin driving, once gas from the fuel lines is used, your car will probably stop running because it can’t combust diesel well. You’ll hear knocking due to the low octane in diesel, and the auto may completely shut off. If that happens, have your car towed to a repair shop where the gas tank can be emptied. You’ll also need to have the fuel lines, rail, and injectors flushed and the fuel filter(s) changed. Proper cleaning will probably prevent permanent damage, but it will cost you time and money.

Gasoline in Your Diesel Engine

If you accidentally put gasoline into your diesel vehicle, you may have a more serious problem. If you’ve only pumped a little into the tank, you have the option of filling with diesel. Your auto won’t run efficiently, but it may not be disastrous. However, if you have added a significant amount of gas, don’t turn the ignition switch even slightly. This begins pumping fuel into your engine. A diesel uses a high pressure system for combustion. Gas detonates sooner and will damage components. If you can have the gas drained and tank cleaned without ever turning the switch, you’ll be much better off. Once you get gasoline into the diesel combustion system, you’re likely to have significant damage that requires replacement of parts.

Assistance with Your Mistake

If you’ve made the fuel switch error, Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers can assist you with towing and/or draining and cleaning your fuel system.

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