Dependable Tune Up Service in Oconomowoc, WI

Your Local Car Maintenance Experts

Since 1973, Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers of Oconomowoc, WI has provided the community with reliable tune up service. We take pride in being the community’s dealership alternative to basic car maintenance and repair. Proper car maintenance is necessary to not only sustain performance but also extend the life and value of your vehicle. Our shop can do everything your local dealership can but at a fraction of the cost. We have the same tools and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment needed to provide the best level of service possible. Our shop works on all makes and models both foreign and domestic. Additionally, we work on Hybrid vehicles and are a green auto repair facility. We even offer Hybrid vehicle loaner cars! To help keep you ahead of costly repairs and maintenance; we will send text and email alerts to ensure you do not forget any important tune up services. Call today and get your vehicle back on track!

Customer Safety is our Top Priority

Timely tune up service and repairs are important to not only your safety but others. Certain components and fluids within your vehicle have certain lifespans and need to be changed or replaced more often than others. All of these things also depend on the make and model of your vehicle. A great example of this is an oil change. Some vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 miles. Whereas, a newer vehicle, using synthetics can go for 5,000 – 10,000 miles before needing service again. One more example is your brake pads; depending on the brand and thickness, you may need to replace them more often than others do. Fluids, belts, and filters are also among the general things inspected and or replaced during a routine tune up. If you are unsure of your vehicle’s maintenance requirements, our technicians are always happy to assist. Furthermore, remember we will send text and email notices just to make sure you never forget a tune up or maintenance service.

Importance of Timely Maintenance

Proper car maintenance isn’t just having a tune up or an oil change every so often. It is a combination of services, inspections, and repairs together to get the best result; and it varies from each manufacturer as well as make and model. Every vehicle is different and service intervals are never the same either. Let the professionals at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers of Oconomowoc, WI help you navigate the confusing waters of timely vehicle maintenance and repair.

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Customer service is one of the most important things other than trustworthy tune up and repair services we can offer. It is our goal to make sure each customer is happy and satisfied with their car repair and the level of customer service received. To help make auto repair and service a little less complicated, we offer some complimentary services with every repair. We have free Wi-Fi, local shuttle service, and hot fresh out of the oven cookies available for your convenience. Plus, we guarantee our car service and repairs with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty so you never have to worry about your vehicle being in the right hands. Why take your vehicle anywhere but Silver Lake? Call today or schedule service online today!