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The transmission system in your vehicle is made up of a complex blend of components designed to function at a precise time. When you change gears, the transmission should smoothly, quickly, and precisely shift to the gear of your choice. When that fails to happen, or it doesn’t transition as smoothly as it used to, that’s where Silver Lakes Auto & Tire Center in Brookfield, Wisconsin can help! Our professional automotive team has the services and tools to make sure your vehicle is operating at its best. Whether it’s our ASE Certified technicians performing repairs or our office staff answering questions, our team will provide your transmission with the solutions it needs.

Is Your Transmission Failing?

When it comes to performing any repairs on your transmission system, it’s best that you leave it in the hands of trained automotive professionals. But just because you shouldn’t perform a repair, doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to maintain your transmission. In fact, one of the best ways to do so is to understand when it’s properly functioning and when it’s starting to fail. This knowledge helps you get ahead of small problems before they worsen and can even make your auto service visit quicker and easier! Here are two signs of transmission malfunction you should know!


Transmission fluid helps keep the transmission clean and lubricated during use. Unlike motor oil, the fluid does not get burned up or consumed. If your vehicle notifies you that the transmission fluid is low, that’s a certain sign that the fluid is leaking. You’ll also notice a leak if you see a bright red, sweet-smelling fluid underneath your vehicle. Outside of creating a mess, the low fluid level could damage your transmission and other parts of your vehicle if the leak spreads!


Your transmission should shift gears smoothly and without trouble. If you feel that your transmission changes gears without action from you or that your vehicle isn’t accelerating, those are signs of slipping. If the problem persists, it could cause additional damage to your transmission and can even be dangerous to drive with. Make sure you have one of our trained automotive professionals take a look at the problem for you!

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The transmission system plays an important role in the overall performance of your vehicle. The next time it has problems, make sure you get it to the skilled hands of Silver Lakes Auto & Tire. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize approved state-of-the-art tools and service techniques to provide any repair your transmission needs. Have questions about our services or want to schedule a visit? Give us a call at (262) 333-0679 or visit our facility — 17495 W. Capitol Dr.. We’re right around the corner from Fairview Park!