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What is a Touchless Tire Machine?

What many vehicle owners may not realize is how hard it can be to manually remove a tire. Unlike a wheel where you can simply loosen the bolts and pull it off, a tire requires a little more finesse. You can expect a lot of shops to take around 15 to 30 minutes when performing this service manually. That’s where the Touchless Tire Machine comes in. By utilizing this machine, technicians are able to remove and replace a tire in as little as five minutes! Along with that, these machines do a great job with keeping your wheel scratch free, which is something that can’t be guaranteed when the process is performed manually.

At Silver Lake Auto and Tire Center in Oconomowoc, WI, we’ll have touchless tire machines available to make your time with us quick and easy. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts will quickly help you remove your old tires and replace them with new ones, all without a scratch! Know that when you visit our shop, you’ll be saving time and money with your next tire replacement service!

A Personable Visit

When you visit Silver Lake Auto and Tire Center, you’ll experience a tire care service like no other. We strive to provide you with a very personalized experience, and this all begins with our professionally trained service experts. By taking note of your vehicle’s make, model, current tire condition, and your personal budget, they’ll provide you with a variety of tire options to choose from. Once you select the best tire for your vehicle, we let our ASE Certified technicians get to work. Utilizing our state-of-the-art touchless tire machine, they can quickly remove the old tire from the wheel and replace it with the tire of your choosing, all while barely lifting a finger!

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If you’re looking for quick and easy tire replacement, make sure you visit Silver Lake Auto and Tire Center in Oconomowoc, WI. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts will help you pick out the best tire for your vehicle and replace it in no time! Give us a call at 262-567-0284 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and have questions about our personalized tire care? Visit our shop — 36355 East Wisconsin Avenue — and ask our service experts how we can help you and your vehicle! After-hours vehicle drop-off is available!

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