Should I Take My Hybrid Car to a Special Hybrid Repair Shop?
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Should I Take My Hybrid Car to a Special Hybrid Repair Shop?

If you drive a hybrid car, you have made a conscious effort to drive a more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly vehicle. To keep it running well and as green as it should be, it really needs to be serviced and maintained by an auto repair shop specially trained to handle its intricate details. Otherwise you run the risk of botched repairs and expensive, unnecessary battery replacements!
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Just like you made a conscious decision to drive a green car, Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers made a conscious decision to do everything that we could to help you keep that automobile running its best. We know other auto repair shops in the area will work on hybrid cars, but many times they treat them just like regular gas vehicles. Hybrid vehicles need to be serviced and maintained by experts who know exactly what they’re dealing with, especially when it comes to the care and conditioning the hybrid’s battery – which is very different from a regular car battery.

You don’t want to give up the integrity, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly features of your hybrid automobile by taking it to someone who doesn’t know how to properly care for it.

At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers, we’re passionate about hybrid repair, and would love to talk to you and educate you more about your hybrid vehicle. Feel free to stop by, give us a call or easily schedule an appointment with us online today! You can also learn more about our hybrid repair services in Oconomowoc and North Lake here.

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Written by Dan Garlock