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Safe Towing Tips

Four Ways to Tow a Car

A broken-down vehicle creates a stressful situation. Whether your car is parked in your driveway or on the side of the road, find out how to tow it to a nearby auto shop for safe, efficient repairs. Here are four safe towing strategies to consider.

Use Tow Straps

The most affordable way to tow a vehicle is with tow straps. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous option. Always check local laws, as many cities and states have laws restricting the use of straps.

First, lay the strap out in front of your vehicle and inspect it for any signs of damage. Find a recovery point, which is a safe place to connect to your vehicle’s frame. Connect the strap to a suitable truck or another vehicle with towing power. Drive slowly with the towed vehicle in neutral. Someone must ride in the towed vehicle to use the brakes and steer.

Use a Dolly

A safer way to haul a damaged car is with a tow dolly. Simply drive or push the damaged vehicle onto the dolly and secure the wheels using the included strapping method. Obviously, a dolly will only work if you have a second vehicle capable of towing and a dolly handy. You also need to inspect the towed vehicle to determine whether the rear axle and wheels are safe to travel on the road.

Use a Car Trailer

A trailer is the final method of towing your own vehicle to the auto shop. A trailer can safely haul a vehicle that isn’t capable of being pulled by a dolly. Not all trailers are rated to hold a vehicle, so check your trailer and truck to be sure you aren’t overloading any axles.

Call a Tow Service

A professional towing service takes all the stress out of hauling a vehicle. If you have a breakdown in North Lake, Wisconsin or the surrounding area, request a tow from Silver Lake Auto. Our team of ASE certified mechanics and reliable tow drivers offer full-service transportation, inspection and repair services to restore your vehicle and keep you driving safely. If you don’t have a reliable truck to tow your broken-down vehicle, or if you don’t feel safe using a strap or dolly, enjoy quality towing services to keep you out of harm’s way.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers