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What Is It?

When we drive our vehicles, we want them to be ultra responsive and precise. The better these factors are, the better the driving experience is for us. Due to this demand, it has also left our vehicle a lot more sensitive to vibrational forces we can experience while on the road. This sensitivity can lead to inconsistencies for your tires and wheels in the form of weight, stiffness, and balance. That’s where Road Force Balancing comes in.

By utilizing a road force balancer, Silver Lake Auto and Tire Center is able to quickly determine what needs to be done to compensate the inconsistencies in your wheels and tires. It’ll be able to individually measure the run-out and force variation of each wheel and tire. By taking account of this information, we’ll be able to ensure that every drive you have in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is a smooth and safe one!

Why You Need It

Road force balancing plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth drive you expect from your vehicle. It’s because of this service that you are able to avoid minor and major wheel vibrations when you drive. What’s responsible for these vibrations? Run-outs and force variations .

Runouts can be found in two different forms — Lateral and Radial. Lateral run-out is inconsistencies found in the low point of your vehicle’s tire and wheel design. Radial run-out is the same thing, but is found in the high point instead. When paired with force variation , which is a stiff spot on the tire, this can cause significant vibrations.

Road force balancing measures both run-out and force variation so it can accurately determine the variant forces caused by the road. It does this by simulating the force of the road while you “drive.” Using this information, our ASE Certified technicians are then able to quickly provide the proper compensation to minimize or completely get rid of the wheel vibrations.

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Regardless if your feel major or minor vibrations in your steering wheel, make sure you take advantage of Silver Lake Auto and Tire Centers’ road force balancing service. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts can quickly remedy the inconsistencies in your wheels and tires so you can drive around Waukesha County with comfort and confidence. Give us a call at 262-567-0284 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and have questions about this service? Visit our shop — 36355 East Wisconsin Avenue — and ask our service experts how we can help you and your vehicle! After-hours vehicle drop-off is available!

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