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Why It’s Needed

Due to the build of modern vehicles and the demand for a more responsive driving experience, many vehicles are being built with lower tires and a tighter suspension system. Although this has improved the driving experience for many drivers, this has also left vehicles more susceptible to the vibrational forces they can experience on the road. Over time, these forces can cause imbalances and inconsistencies in your wheels and tires that a simple wheel balancing service can’t fix. That’s where road force balancing comes in. This service will be able to take care of the specific inconsistencies that a standard wheel balance service can’t fix.

At Silver Lake Auto and Tire Center in Hartland, WI, we’ll be able to perform the road force balancing service your vehicle needs. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts can quickly identify and fix the inconsistencies in your vehicle’s wheels and tires so you can have the smooth and comfortable driving experience you deserve. Know that when you visit Silver Lake Auto, you’ll be working with the best wheel specialists in the county!

What is Road Force Balancing?

Putting it simply, road force balancing is responsible for correcting inconsistencies in your vehicle’s wheels and tires. It does this by focusing on two factors — run-out and force variation .

Run-Out occurs when elements of the wheel and tire, such as weight, balance, and stiffness, start to stray from their normal conditions. There are two types of run-out to be aware of — lateral and radial. Lateral Run-Out is inconsistencies that are found at the low-point of a wheel and tire. Radial Run-Out is the same exact thing but is instead found at the high-point of a wheel and tire. As for force variation , that is when a tire has a spot that is much stiffer than the rest of the tire.

Our ASE Certified technicians are able to determine these factors by utilizing a road force balance machine, which will simulate forces that your car would experience on the road. Once our technicians have a better idea of the run-out and force variation, they are then able to implement the best solution for your vehicle. This solution will vary from vehicle-to-vehicle so it’s important that you get your vehicle inspected by our team!

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If you notice vibrations in your wheel, consider a road force balancing service at Silver Lake Auto and Tire Center in Hartland, WI! Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts will quickly correct the inconsistencies in your wheel so you can drive around Waukesha County smoothly. Give us a call at 262-966-7522 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and have questions about Road Force Balancing? Visit our shop — 30620 County Road VV — and ask our service experts how we can help you and your vehicle! After-hours vehicle drop-off is available!

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