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Proper Fleet Care and Tips

Driver Checks & More

Let’s talk about how comfortable, secure vehicles are a treat for the drivers of a company fleet. People are more productive when they are not consumed with worry about safety hazards or unpleasant working conditions. When you own a bunch of vehicles, keeping up with purchases, driving records, logistics, maintenance, and insurance can be quite an undertaking. Having a reputable auto repair shop to schedule and oversee routine maintenance and repairs will at least take that much off your plate. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in North Lake, Wisconsin, specializes in fleet service so you can focus on other obligations.

Fleet Checks: Before, During, and After

Just as drivers need dependable vehicles, vehicles need dependable drivers. Employees who drive a company fleet car or truck must drive safely and maintain a clean driving record at all times.

Before they head out, they should check the air pressure in the tires, make sure the windows are crystal clear, and be certain all lights are in good working condition. If it’s winter in Wisconsin, make sure the vehicle is free of snow and ice.

While driving, operators must refrain from phone use, eating, putting on make-up, and working out. Hey, you never know! Other big no, nos are speeding, driving under the influence, and following other vehicles too closely. Drivers represent a company, a company that signs their paycheck. Enforce the practice of good driving habits for their sake and the sake of others.

Once they return from a run, expect that they will clean out any trash, roll up all windows, and inspect and report any damage that may have occurred while out and about.

Fleet Work takes Teamwork

Working with an automobile fleet as part of your company requires teamwork for business to run smoothly. Whether you’re the owner or a driver, you must do your part with integrity so that others are not negatively impacted. Another member of the team is the automotive center, responsible for maintenance and repairs. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center is highly respected in the community for providing honest, quality work on all make and model vehicles. Allow us to set up your fleet service maintenance schedule today. Well-maintained vehicles are safer and more efficient.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers