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Overcoming Auto Parts Shortages

Automotive repairs usually take time, but now they seem to be taking longer due to supply chain shortages with parts. Repairs that used to be able to be completed the same day now may take longer due to the delay in parts delivery. 

Even the more common repairs or maintenance repairs are experiencing delays, including examples like brake replacements or oil changes. The mass amount of  parts on backorder or special order is increasing significantly. Even mundane parts such as oil are getting harder to find. Not only are certain parts on backorder, but they could also have raised freight charges. As parts become harder to find, they also become more costly. 

Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers are combating shortages by working with a variety of local suppliers! Opening up the opportunities with direct suppliers allows for repairs to be done in a much more timely manner. Working with different suppliers ensures that we are getting the best prices and availability for our customers. Although back orders and special orders are a continuing obstacle, we are working hard to keep our customers on the road!


Alysha Rickling, Service Manager

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers