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Mercedes-Benz A & B Service

A and B Service for Your “Grade A” Car — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Anything labeled “Grade A” has always represented the highest standard. The same is true for your prized Mercedes-Benz. Since its inception with the first car patent in 1886, this vehicle has been recognized as top of the line by many owners and enthusiasts. Fittingly, therefore, recommended routine maintenance services are designated as A and B by the manufacturer. If your vehicle is due for one of these or if you need tires and/or mechanical repairs, schedule an appointment with Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. We’re not quite as old as the Mercedes-Benz line, but we’ve been earning similar respect since 1973.

Scheduled Service A

Service A specifies attending to the basic preventive maintenance needs of your Mercedes-Benz after it has been driven 10,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. Points on this checklist include the oil and filter change (Synthetic oil is preferred.), a check and/or adjustment of tire air pressure, monitoring and topping of all fluids, and a brake inspection. The maintenance minder counter should be reset by the technician performing the services. The manufacturer recommends this service schedule for autos made in 2009 and after. If your Mercedes was made in 2008 or before, you should follow the advice provided in your owner’s manual or by your service technician. Also, speak with your mechanic to determine what protocol should be followed if you drive under unusual circumstances.

Scheduled Service B

Service B applies once your vehicle has traveled 20,000 miles. In addition to repeating the synthetic oil change, filter replacement, fluid top-off, tire PSI check/change, and brake inspection, your technician will exchange the cabin dust/combination filter. They will again reset the maintenance counter also. As with Schedule A, the time of service may need to be adjusted depending upon model year and driving conditions.

Your Local Dealership Alternative

Although it’s very important to keep any car properly maintained (especially a fine car such as a Mercedes-Benz), you don’t have to drive to a dealership nor spend excess time and money to take care of your vehicle. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers is your local dealership alternative. We can help you get all the miles you should out of your luxury German import–and that’s a lot! We often see properly maintained Mercedes-Benz cars with more than 200,000 miles on the odometer. It happens frequently enough that the company provides a certificate along with a Star and Laurel Badge to owners once they reach certain Classic High Mileage milestones. These are presented at the following mileages: 155,000; 310,000; 466,000; 621,000; and 1,000,000. Let our technicians help you get there, too!

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