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Jeep Parts You Should Keep Your Eye On

The Most Common Jeep Repairs You Should Be Aware Of — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Do you want an all around fun vehicle? Jeep. Need to tow your boat? Jeep. Want to go off-roading or get to the ski lodge? Jeep. That’s right. Jeeps are great, and owners love them. Like any auto, they need routine preventive maintenance services and occasional repairs. We’ll give you some pointers to watch for so that yours can stay on the road as long as possible. When you find that you indeed need to make repairs, bring your Jeep to Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in North Lake, Wisconsin. For nearly five decades and through two generations, we’ve provided local, family operated vehicle services for our neighbors. We want to get to know both you and your Jeep.

The Most Common Repairs

Even though Jeeps are sturdy and generally last a long time, there are some repairs that are more commonly needed than others. Being aware of these will enable you to spot problems early, saving yourself more expensive repairs later and/or your Jeep an early trip to the scrap heap. Not surprisingly, Jeeps frequently exhibit suspension problems. (For the record, don’t blame the automobile for this. Rough terrain and driver demands account for extra wear on a Jeep’s suspension parts. After all, owners are sometimes pretty rough on their vehicles.) Suspension components include ball joints, rod ends, and track bars, all parts that tend to show wear sooner in Jeeps than other autos. To add to the issue, Jeep owners often ignore the signs of suspension damage until it is severe (nicknamed the Jeep Death Wobble by enthusiasts) or they’re informed of a whole list of needed repairs when getting routine maintenance services. Similarly, axle shaft u-joints in Jeeps used for off-roading need more frequent replacement. Warning signals include vibrating, clunking, or squeaking as you’re driving. Finally, watch for cracks and leaks in components such as pumps that might compromise the Jeep’s cooling system.

Your Local Jeep Repair Specialist

In addition to the common repairs described above, don’t forget routine preventive maintenance services. Even though it’s tough and durable, a Jeep is no different than any other car in its basic needs. You still need to change the oil and filter regularly to keep the lubricant clean and prevent sludge formation. Belts, hoses, and spark plugs need checking, and you may need an occasional tune-up. Air filters (both for the engine and passenger cabin) need periodic exchange, too. We think your Jeep is as great as you do, so for all your service and repair needs, trust the ASE certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers