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Our Hybrid Services, at A Much Better Value.

Here’s how we get the job done!

Comprehensive State-of-Health High Voltage Diagnostic Service

– Power and Energy testing of the high voltage battery.
– Electrical and diagnostic inspection of hybrid transmission, rotor and stator of the hybrid drive motor and generator.
– Test and analyze transmission drive motor/power invertor system, and hybrid charging system.
– Inspection of all cabling from battery packs for breakage, cuts, and wear.

High Voltage Cable Inspection and Repair

– Inspection of all cabling from battery packs for breakage, cuts, and wear.
– Repair and replace as needed. Prices vary with parts required and labor time. Includes 2 cycles.

High Voltage Battery Replacement

Over time, the battery in your hybrid or electric vehicle may lose power or efficiency. To help detect any issues or concerns, it’s important to get your battery tested. At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers, we know that your hybrid vehicle is different than the standard gas car. Our team has the training and qualifications needed to handle each repair and service. We provide power and energy testing, inspections, diagnostics and repairs. If needed, we are also able to restore your battery to as close to new as possible – extending the life and performance of your car. If you are in need of battery testing or a battery replacement, give our experts a call today!

4 Hybrid Certified Technicians on Staff

3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

The Oldest & Most Experienced Hybrid Facility in the Area

State of the Art Equipment

Our pledge to our customers: We pledge to provide a truthful and accurate HEV battery diagnosis that is based in science and technically accurate methods utilizing control software that provides documented p0wer and energy test results before and after the conditioning process is performed. We pledge to maintain the highest standards of workmanship and treat all customers with honesty and respect. We take our commitment of continuous enhancements to our training and methods seriously and promise to provide the highest quality and technically advanced hybrid service experience.

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