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Battery Repairs & Replacements

The highways are packed with environmentally-conscious drivers. Many of them are behind the wheel of a Hybrid vehicle. Not every repair shop is equipped with the tools and the education to handle the amount of Hybrids on the road. This leads most Hybrid owners back to the expensive and impersonal dealers. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Hartland, WI wants you to know that our shop has Hybrid service expertise that you won’t find anywhere else. Our next-level Hybrid repairs include quality customer service and accurate diagnostic services.

Your Hybrid will not need the same schedule for services that your standard gasoline-powered vehicle will need. You purchased your Hybrid because you want to make your vehicle transportation more efficient, as well as protect the environment. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center doesn’t want you to do this by yourself. Nor do we want to charge you an arm and a leg for quality Hybrid repairs and services. Our repair shop is the preferred Hybrid service destination for Hartland motorists who know all about us. Your Hybrid systems are complex for most general repair shops, but not for us.

Save Money on Gas

Your Hybrid requires a technician that knows the maintenance service needs of a Hybrid vs. a standard vehicle. Our team makes early education about your Hybrid a part of your auto service. Just like with any vehicle on the road, prevention is the goal and the path to peak performance. Most of your Hybrid repair needs will be associated with the battery’s performance. Unlike a traditional gasoline-powered engine, the Hybrid engine uses electrical energy to lessen the wear-and-tear. Hybrid drivers should keep one of our technicians on standby because battery repairs and replacements can be unexpected. They can also be expensive when you choose the wrong Hybrid repair shop.

Hybrid car owners typically do not have engine repair needs as often as regular gas engine cars do. In addition to routine maintenance to all systems–engine, mechanical, electrical–Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center will perform any necessary Hybrid engine maintenance. We’ll stay on top of potential problems with quick but thorough maintenance inspections and diagnostic services. Make sure you come to us first to find out the true condition of your Hybrid’s battery and engine. Our team will always save you time, money, and stress!

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The key to your Hybrid’s quality performance is choosing the right repair shop. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center keeps you on the road and saves you a lot of money on Hybrid services. As you protect the environment and conserve energy, make sure you have all the automotive support you need. Stay ahead of any costly Hybrid repairs and parts replacements with an effective service plan. Give our Hartland location a call today at 262-966-7522 to schedule your next Hybrid repair appointment. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now.