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How to Manage a Fleet

Owning a business with a fleet of vehicles is sort of like parenting multiple children. Keeping up with all the schedules, assignments, achievements, and ailments can be extremely overwhelming. One way to ensure things run smoothly is to hire a professional to assist you. Another helpful practice is making sure everyone is up to date on comprehensive exams. This helps by decreasing the number of “sick” visits. Seeing as company fleets face similar challenges, it’s critical to have professional help and schedule consistent routine maintenance. As luck would have it, Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center is committed to performing exceptional prevention services for your fleet of cars and trucks so you can tend to other business obligations.

The Benefits of Fleet Maintenance

Reducing the number of doctor’s appointments or, in this case, repair shop visits has a ripple effect. Routine maintenance means fewer repairs, fewer trips to the auto shop, less money spent, and lower levels of stress. It’s no wonder people say, “prevention is key!” With a strong fleet, you’ll boost productivity since your vehicles will be out on the road more and in the shop less. An additional advantage to consistent fleet maintenance is your drivers will be safe. That is how you grow a business that utilizes multiple cars and trucks to perform daily functions.

Comprehensive Exam, What to Expect

During regularly scheduled check-ups, technicians inspect and service the fleet based on individual needs, just as those kiddos have individual needs. The maintenance schedule is developed based on the make, model, and year of the vehicles. In general, all essential fluids will be checked and refreshed as needed. Tires will be inspected and properly aligned, and oil and oil filters will be changed. Also, windshield wipers, hydraulics, steering and suspension, the undercarriage, the frame, and the seats and seat belts will be thoroughly examined to ensure they are safe and effective. Whether you’re running a business that runs a fleet or raising a pack of youngins, you must divide and conquer. Leave the scheduling, notifications, inspections, and service of all your cars and trucks to the ASE certified fleet maintenance specialists at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers