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How to Avoid Engine Repairs

Tips From the Experts

When you visit the auto shop for routine service, you hope that everything with your vehicle is in good working order. No one likes to hear that their vehicle will need expensive engine repairs! Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers understands that, and we take our role as your vehicle’s maintenance team a step further by providing ways to avoid engine repairs. If you follow these tips from our team in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, we’re confident that your car will continue driving forward with a healthy and happy engine!

Don’t Skip Service

The best thing you can do for your vehicle is follow its basic maintenance guidelines. This includes services like oil changes, wheel alignment, and tune-ups. These services are designed to support and protect healthy engine function by maintaining optimal conditions for its top performance. Skipping services puts your engine in a place where it has to work harder, which can eventually lead to faster wear and unexpected repairs. To help your engine run its best and avoid any problems, follow the basic steps for a healthy vehicle!

Practice Good Driving Habits

Whenever possible, you want to limit the strain you place on your vehicle. This can come in the form of lessening its load by cleaning out unnecessary weight in the things you keep inside your car. You might also reduce the time your car spends towing heavy loads or operating in tough conditions, such as off road. Practicing good driving habits while on the road that protect all vehicle systems can go a long way to extending the life of the engine. Accelerate steadily and come to a stop slowly instead of slamming on either pedal! These are just a few ways you can reduce the strain on your engine to help it last longer and prevent problems.

Handle Problems Promptly

If your car starts showing signs of engine problems, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Handling the problem promptly can prevent damage from spreading, which might save you from a more expensive repair bill. Don’t delay your visit to the professionals in the face of engine issues. They will be able to restore your vehicle’s performance as soon as you get to them!

Think of Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin for your vehicle’s engine repairs!

Written by Megan Rademan