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How Oil is Made

From Crude to Conventional

What good can come of death? Good question! When plant and animal matter get worked deep into the earth, heat and pressure turn it into what people sometimes refer to as “liquid gold.” But this, of course, doesn’t happen overnight.

Once geologists locate the precious fluid, oil rigs extract it and send it to refineries. There, they remove chemicals using an intricate process that yields such useful materials as gasoline and conventional motor oil. Additives such as detergents, antioxidants, and conditioners are mixed in to improve performance.

Testing takes place to guarantee the product meets specific criteria. Characteristics such as color, flash point, and viscosity must pass the test to ensure quality products are put on auto store shelves.

So the bright side of death is that decaying organisms come back to life as essential oil. If you have questions about the type of oil you should use in your vehicle, ask the experts at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in North Lake, Wisconsin.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil does not come from the dead like conventional oil. Where it comes from is a science lab. Synthetic oil is a man-made mixture of a base oil, some additives, and a carrier oil.

If conventional oil was already a good thing, why did someone feel the need to create a synthetic form of motor oil? Well, as with most inventions, someone’s always looking to improve upon them. And as one might already know, synthetic oil does have a reputation for being a better product. It has fewer impurities, and it lasts longer.

Synthetic Blend

Most likely, you’re now wondering what synthetic blend is. It’s simply a blend of synthetic and conventional base oils!

So, which is best for your vehicle? They all do their job of lubricating the engine and its components. But do check the owner’s manual to be sure. Then, ask for expert advice from the ASE certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in North Lake, Wisconsin. We won’t steer you wrong!

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