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Have Auto Repairs Gotten More Expensive?

Are You Paying More for Your Car’s Maintenance?

Auto Repair Costs Explained

People who have been driving for a while and have owned more than one vehicle are sometimes surprised to see the maintenance and repair costs for their newer vehicles. They ask us, why does it cost more to get my oil changed? Why does this service cost more than I’m used to paying? Silver Lake Auto & Tire in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin has the answers — and we promise it’s not because auto shops are taking your money!

Are auto repairs more expensive today than they used to be?

In short, no! It’s not that the services cost more than they used to, it’s that your newer vehicle has more expensive taste!

Does this sound familiar?

An oil change used to cost somewhere around $20 – $40, but now it costs as much as $80 – $100! What happened? A closer look reveals that the service itself isn’t more expensive, it’s the specific needs of newer vehicles. There’s a good chance that your previous vehicles ran on conventional motor oil. This standard fluid is much more budget-friendly than synthetic alternatives. The reason your oil changes are more expensive is that your new vehicle requires more expensive motor oil!

Do I have to pay for the more expensive parts or services?

Does this sound familiar?

You’re facing a higher repair bill than you’re accustomed to and wondering if you have to go with the expensive taste of your vehicle. This is the situation for many customers that visit our shop. To answer the question: yes, you should follow the manufacturer’s suggestions to protect your vehicle.

Considering the oil change example, it would be extremely bad for your vehicle to switch from synthetic to conventional motor oil. Downgrading the quality of the fluid could drastically impact engine performance. Your new vehicle was designed to do better, but you have to properly maintain it to help it get there. The same is true for any replacement parts. Skimping out for cheap aftermarket parts could severely hurt your vehicle in the long run.

Trust the Professionals

Silver Lake Auto & Tire in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin wants you to know that we have your best interests in mind. When we perform auto repairs for your vehicle, we do so to protect its value and performance. In the case of modern vehicles, those auto repairs may cost more than for older ones. That’s because new vehicles have huge advancements in the quality of the parts they use!

Written by Dan Garlock