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Growing the Future

I have leared a lot from my dad over the years. So much I cannot even begin to create a library of lessons learned from dad. But I do know what the first lesson was. Learn to love the business. 

In the early days of “working” with my dad, there was much playing in the tow trucks, roaming around the shop, filling soda machines and refrigerators, bagging ice, etc. Darren and I even got our own uniforms for Christmas! These “jobs” might have been under the guise of getting me out of his way; however, he taught me how to love the business.

I am not a person who spends a lot of time looking backward, but recently, I have reflected on what got me here. It all started with that early lesson, Love The Business.

Today I am a father of two boys, and it is still unclear what part they will play in the family business. But one thing holds true; if I do not teach them to love the business as my dad taught me, I will have failed.

But here is the beauty of this lesson. It does not have to stop with our immediate family or just at Silver Lake Auto. We currently have 44 team members in our family. Three of those team members are under 16 years old, doing the same things dad taught me. Watching young men and women work hard in today’s world is nothing but inspiring to me. Let’s all work to solve the idea of a hard day’s work isn’t fun or rewarding and let’s celebrate those who do come to work every day. Teaching people to love the business is a full-time job these days for me and there is no limit to when that will end. Makes me excited for the future.

Dan Garlock

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers