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Fun Facts About Mercedes-Benz

Interesting Facts About Your Mercedes-Benz — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

You know your Mercedes-Benz as a reliable, long-lasting luxury car. But did you know there’s a lot of interesting facts hiding behind that iconic symbol? From development to safety to performance, there’s a story behind nearly every aspect of this German auto. There’s a story behind Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin, too, one that’s been developing since 1973. Schedule an appointment to experience phenomenal customer service along with great maintenance and repair.

Family and Friends

The Mercedes-Benz, patented as the Motorwagen in 1886, was developed by Karl Benz. It was his wife Bertha Ringer Benz, however, who funded his work. Perhaps as a little reward for herself, she drove her sons around in the car on a 130-mile round trip. It appears Mr. Benz knew nothing of Mrs. Benz’s excursion until she returned. The first portion of the vehicle’s name actually honors Mercedes Jellinek, the daughter of company employee Emil Jellinek. The auto line has been known as Mercedes-Benz since 1901.

First and Famous

The Mercedes-Benz line boasts a lot of firsts as well as some claims to fame. For instance, Mr. Benz patented the first car, then called the Motorwagen. Gottlieb Daimler also developed a motorized vehicle, but was not the first to obtain a patent. Karl Benz also held the original driver’s license when it was introduced. Known for safety features, the 1924 model car was the first to offer brakes on all four wheels. Seven years later the company added suspension on all four wheels, too. 1978 brought the introduction of anti-lock brakes (developed for the S-Class), and the manufacturer was the first to include safety crumple zones on their car bodies. While most recognize self-driving cars as a recent invention, Mercedes-Benz offered one about 20 years before everyone else. The King of Nepal was given a Mercedes-Benz in 1940, the first automobile in that nation. Likewise, the Popemobile used by Pope Benedict XVI was also a Mercedes-Benz.

Fast and Fabulous

A Mercedes-Benz may be a luxurious status symbol, but it’s also fast. With a rich history in racing, it offers high-performance tuning. In fact, the well known silver color resulted from grinding away the top coat of heavier paint to ensure that the car made weight for a race when it was about a kilogram over the maximum allowed. For more practical uses, the car is so reliable that even certified pre-owned models offer an unlimited mileage, five-year warranty.

Back to Reality

Fun and trivia aside, all cars still need preventive maintenance, tires, and occasional repairs. Make Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers your shop for Mercedes-Benz services. You’ll soon see why we’ve been the choice of other owners since 1973.

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