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Fleet Route Optimization

The Importance of Fleet Route Optimization — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

When you run a business, it’s in your best interest to keep transportation costs down as much as possible and to keep your customers happy. These outcomes are particularly important when your livelihood involves deliveries. We can give you a few pointers on optimizing your fleet routes. Also, keep in mind that Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in North Lake, Wisconsin, is here to assist you with all your fleet service needs. Since 1973 and through several generations, we’ve been helping our neighbors with the kind of customer service you only find at a local, family-owned facility. Serving your business with reputable fleet services is a big part of what we do. We’re invested in our community, and we want to see your entrepreneurship thrive.

Managing Routes and Delivery Times

You’ve heard the old expression that something “runs like clockwork.” Actually, that’s a fairly accurate description of optimal fleet operation. There are many moving pieces that must be controlled and timed to ensure that deliveries happen when and where they should at a cost that allows your business to make a profit while maintaining a competitive price point for customers. First, you need to figure out where goods are and where they need to go. This will allow you to engineer driving routes that save miles, fuel, and time. You’ll also want to consider any factors specific to your loads. Are the items all going to a single place, or will they be delivered to various drop-off points? Is the load oversize, requiring special routing or permitting? Will there be anything hazardous in the vehicle? Are items in the load breakable or perishable? All these considerations can impact what you need to do when planning your routes. Also, you’ll benefit from tracking and monitoring. This will ensure that you can spot any problems or delays along the way and that your fleet vehicles are where they need to be and operating safely. Finally, proper oversight allows you to provide your clients with better information about when to expect deliveries.

Keeping Your Fleet in Prime Condition

In addition to overseeing routes, locations, and times, staying on top of fleet maintenance and repairs is critical. Fleet care helps you avoid several costly situations. First, it minimizes certain legal liabilities that could arise if your vehicles are in disrepair. (Example: Think of the legal entanglement you could have if there were an accident caused by poorly maintained brakes.) Also, preventive maintenance helps prevent breakdowns as well as time and money spent on major repairs. Let Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers help you keep your vehicles running well.

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