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Factors That Go Into Fleet Management

Can Somebody Please Help Me Figure Out Fleet Management? — Silver Lake Auto & TIre Centers

Yes, we can do that. Get used to hearing that more often. If you own a business, Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is here to assist you with all your fleet preventive maintenance service, repair, tires, and towing needs. Locally owned and family operated for nearly 50 years and through two generations, we “get” you. We understand what it takes to run a business and how dependent you are upon your fleet transportation. Schedule a time to talk with us so that we can develop a personalized fleet plan that will best meet your business’ needs.

The Mechanics of Management

There are many options you can use for fleet management. Your choice should depend on factors such as the size of your business, the number of vehicles in your fleet, and your preferences and comfort level with paper vs. digital record keeping. If you manage a small fleet, a paper file or simple spreadsheet for each auto may be sufficient and easy to manipulate. For large fleets, however, you may want to consider fleet management software. We’re also glad to help you keep track of what work was done to your transportation on which dates. You’ll also need to consider other elements that need addressing in your firm. For instance, even though it isn’t directly related to mechanical maintenance, you’ll likely want to develop driver policies and protocols. It’s a great idea to have these in writing and located in every car or truck so that it’s handy for the driver if they encounter a situation en route. Having a solid plan and good records helps protect you from certain liabilities and may even help you with your commercial auto insurance policy.

The Mechanics of Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

Everything runs smoother if your stay on top of fleet vehicle maintenance and repairs. Ultimately, you spend less money in repair bills and less time in the shop if your head of major trouble with preventive services. Routine services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections are every bit as important (if not more so), as they are for your personal transportation. They keep your business productive and protected because you experience fewer breakdowns and expose yourself/your company to fewer legal liabilities.

Your Fleet Management Partner

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or go it alone in fleet management. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers can help. We can offer you roadside assistance and towing if there’s an unexpected problem and help you prevent it with a good maintenance plan. What’s more, our ASE-certified technicians prioritize your fleet needs so you don’t lose extra time.

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