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Common Engine Problems You Need to Know About

The engine is the most crucial part of your car. Without it, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to drive or operate. Ensuring your engine is in tip-top condition is essential for proper car care. Minor engine issues can quickly grow into large, expensive repairs.

If your car displays any of these five common engine problems, don’t wait! Call the engine repair specialists at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, to get the problem efficiently and quickly repaired.

Engine Won’t Start

The worst-case scenario for any car owner is that their vehicle’s engine fails to start. This could be a simple fix that only involves a battery replacement. However, it could also mean something more serious. If your engine doesn’t turn over, book an auto repair appointment with us today.

Clogged Radiator

It’s important to have your car’s coolant regularly replaced. If the coolant becomes extremely dirty, it could lead to many engine problems. These can include your engine overheating. The coolant’s main job is to maintain your engine’s temperature. If the coolant is full of gunk and grime, it drastically reduces the efficiency of your car’s radiator. That leads to a clogged radiator and an overheated engine.

Damaged Spark Plugs

Worn-out spark plugs are an issue many older cars can experience. The spark plugs ignite the compressed gas inside the engine, making your car move.

Over time, your vehicle’s spark plugs can become damaged or experience wear and tear. Common symptoms of faulty spark plugs include stalling, misfiring, and starting troubles.

Strange Sounds

Most cars will make noise as they cruise down the highway. However, excessive noise, such as knocking or vibrating sounds, can be a sign of trouble. Weird engine sounds can be caused by lean fuel, worn bearings, damaged belt tensioners, and more. If you hear odd sounds coming from your engine, have your vehicle inspected by an experienced mechanic.

Smoky Engine

If you see white or blue smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe, make an auto repair appointment right away. This problem can be caused by high oil consumption, poor crankcase ventilation, and more.

If you need engine repair services, call the automotive repair professionals at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, today. We can be reached at (262) 567-0284.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers