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Emissions in the Air

How Emissions Tests Came To Be

In years past, a gloomy haze hung just above our city skylines. After careful exploration, it was determined that the relentless smog was pollution. Pollution spawned by cars! The machines we depend on every day. Something had to be done to improve the quality of the air.

In 1970, The Clean Air Act passed, which allowed the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, to regulate pollution given off by different modes of transportation. This is done through mandatory emission testing stations.

At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in North Lake, Wisconsin, we value clean air and take pride in helping our community by performing fast and dependable emissions tests for drivers in our state.

Does Emission Testing Really Help?

From the time emission standards were adopted, air pollution has decreased significantly. Regulations have led to the production of cleaner cars. Pollutant levels in fuel are 90% lower than before, and the automotive industry continues to look for ways of improving transportation. The goal is to keep pollution at a minimum even though the number of automobiles will likely increase.

Something else that has increased, for the better, is awareness. People are more conscientious nowadays and continue to look for ways to reduce pollution. In addition, the emissions industry has created over 65,000 jobs!

Do Your Part

You can do your part by bringing your car, truck, or SUV to Silver Lake Auto & Tire for an emissions test. You will receive a notification from the Department of Transportation when your vehicle is due for testing. Other times you’ll be expected to have an emissions test are after registering a vehicle in the state of Wisconsin for the first time, before you renew your registration, and after transferring license plates to a new owner. Once the test is complete, if there are any concerns, a certified technician will guide you through the process of services necessary to ensure your vehicle remains in good standing.

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers