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Effective Fleet Management

How to Get the Most out of Your Fleet

Effective fleet management is about more than recruiting, scheduling, and documenting. It also involves being consistent, acting instead of reacting, and having high expectations of drivers. We offer fleet services in North Lake, so if you’re a fleet manager, check out the following tips.

Safety Comes First

Fleet managers must be proactive, not reactive. Safety must factor first in everything you do. Never take shortcuts. Prioritize preventive and ongoing maintenance. Provide continual training for drivers and others in the business.

Make Your Employees’ Lives Easier

Turn to cloud-based software for employee and inspection schedules along with other things employees care about, such as paydays. Use file folders, whiteboards, or paper notes as backups only, if at all. Cloud software empowers employees to check information on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. It minimizes the chances of a key date or event not being communicated to everyone. Also, set up recognition programs for employees to perform well. Actionable goals keep the fleet safe and let drivers know what is expected of them.

Measure with the Big Picture in Mind

Metrics are great, but measure across areas such as maintenance, cost, drivers, and assets. If you measure just one or two areas or all except one, you won’t see the big picture. Examples of specific metrics to measure include vehicle utilization, preventive maintenance, repair turnover, operating cost summary, and cost per mile. Use software programs designed for fleet maintenance and operations.

Educate Yourself Continually

The fleet industry, like many other industries, is affected by technology advances. Self-driving vehicles, alternative fuels, and vehicle safety features are just three of many areas to keep on top of through blogs, trade publications, workshops, and seminars.

Establish Consistent Guidelines

You must have consistent standards for vehicle purchases and disposals. Without these guidelines, team leaders in different departments could be misspending money and holding onto unsafe, outdated vehicles. Bulk purchasing is a smart option to save money.

Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in North Lake provides fleet services such as pre-purchase inspections, state inspections, preventative maintenance, and ongoing maintenance. Fleet managers partner with us for high-quality, reliable service. We’d love to talk to you. Get in touch online or call us at (262) 567-0284.

Written by Megan Rademan