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Dog-Proofing Your Ride

Our pets are our family, and we like to take them with us on our adventures and travels. Having your dog in your car might be a little stressful, especially if you worry about being clean and keeping your car in good condition. While we love them very much, our furry friends have been known to shed a hair or two, and sometimes that excitement-induced drooling can be a bit messy. Here are a few ways to prepare your car for a 4-legged passenger so everyone is comfortable and happy!

Cleaning car before your travels

Before you go anywhere, it’s a good idea to clean out your car to make sure there’s nothing inside that might endanger your curious little buddy, or distract you while driving if your dog gets into it. On top of that, it’s a good idea to invest in a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to get any dirt, mud and all of that annoying fur left behind after your trip.

Invest in a seat cover

If your dog sheds a lot, and the leftover hair gets on your nerves a lot, you need a seat cover! While it’s likely there will be some hair left in your car, a seat cover makes it much easier to clean up and catches most of the fur. If you are having issues finding a seat cover, or need a quicker solution, you can always use a blanket to cover your seats and shake the blanket off between uses! Seat covers and blankets will also help protect your seat from your doggo’s nails that might scratch or scuff them otherwise. You can also keep a lint roller in your car to spot clean in between your vacuum sessions.

Cover your windows

All dog owners know that our pups just love leaving their nose marks and slobber spots on the inside of the windows. It’s kind of cute, but also a little gross at the same time. To make cleanup quick and easy, use plastic wrap to cover the inside of the windows.
You will still be able to see through them, and after the trip is over you can just take the wrap off and throw it away, simple as that!

Be ready for an accident

As pet parents, we know that accidents happen. Even if your dog is older now and fully potty trained, you never know how a bumpy, curvy car ride might make him/her feel. Try keeping a spray bottle of high-quality upholstery cleaner in your car and a roll of paper towels. Be ready in case of an emergency.

Your pup loves you so much and he/she will be so excited to hit the road with you! We hope these tail-wagging tips make travel easier for you and man’s best friend.

Written by Dan Garlock