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Faulty Head Gasket? We’ve Got You Covered!

What’s a Head Gasket and What Does It Do? Your vehicle’s engine is a complicated system full of many different components. One of the most important parts of an engine is the head gasket. But what is an engine head gasket, and what does it do? To help you better understand what’s going on under […]

Dependable Engine Repair in Northlake

3 Essential Engine Care Tips Hands down, the engine is the most important part of your vehicle. If it’s broken or damaged, you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Keep your car running smoothly, and take great care of its engine. The ASE-certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in North Lake – Hartland, […]

Expert Engine Repair in Oconomowoc

Common Engine Problems You Need to Know About The engine is the most crucial part of your car. Without it, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to drive or operate. Ensuring your engine is in tip-top condition is essential for proper car care. Minor engine issues can quickly grow into large, expensive repairs. If your car […]

Why Have My Coolant Tested?

Coolant is arguably one of the most important fluids in your vehicle! It is responsible for keeping the engine running at normal operating temperature and also keeps your cabin warm during these cold winter months! Coolant is vital to keep your engine’s cooling system properly maintained.  Coolant is typically a 50/50 mixture of distilled water […]

Vehicle Maintenance

Why Preventive Maintenance Services Are Important — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers As you reflect on the recommended schedule of services for your vehicle, perhaps you’re wondering if those preventive maintenance services are really all that important. Yes, they are. Your car is likely one of your larger purchases. Whether you plan to keep […]

Why You Need to Prioritize Maintenance

The Importance of Prioritizing Vehicle Maintenance — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Every car owner knows deep down that auto maintenance is important. Even so, not everyone understands the true importance of timely key services. Also, it can be tempting to skip or delay mechanical work when your vehicle seems to be running fine. […]

Gasoline V. Diesel Engines

An Even-Handed Comparison Differences don’t always have to stir up debate. Sometimes capitalizing on those differences is the best approach. Take diesel and gasoline engines, for example. Yes, they are both internal combustion engines, but they do have their differences. And yes, they both have some unfavorable attributes. But that shouldn’t make it a competition. […]

Can You Pass The Check-Engine-Light Test?

Let’s Get Started This first question is pretty easy. You may begin! Question #1: Where is the check-engine-light located? Answer: The location of the check-engine-light is on the dash behind the steering wheel. Question #2: What does the check-engine-light look like? Answer: In some vehicles, it looks like a little engine. In others, the words […]

The Big Questions About Engine Failure Answered

Who, What, When, Where, Why? Just because your engine may be failing doesn’t mean you are a failure. You should be aware of what to look for, though, so you don’t let engine failure stop you on your way to work! Knowing in advance who you’ll take your car to is reassuring, and once repairs […]

The Death of an Engine and How to Avoid it

Prevent Nasty Engine Sludge It sneaks around when no one is looking. It doesn’t care if it’s day or night. It can paralyze its enemy if its enemy isn’t super careful. Then it starts to destroy everything else in sight. It’s dark and clumpy and oozes all over. What is it? It’s engine sludge! The […]