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Car Battery Types

Understanding The Types of Car Batteries — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Until you need a new battery for your car, you may not realize there are so many choices. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Arm yourself with a little relevant information, and you’ll feel in “charge” of the battery buying experience. At Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, we dedicated ourselves by offering to help to choose the best battery option for your vehicle. Our ASE-certified technicians can install a new one and have you on your way quickly.

Types of Vehicle Batteries

For most newer autos, batteries fall into one of three categories. The most widely used is the SLI (Starting, Lighting, and Ignition) battery. It powers lighting as well as enables your vehicle to start. Using a 6-cell series, it provides the 12 volts needed to give the car short-burst cranking power. It has what’s called a short charge cycle. This means it charges and discharges fairly quickly. Now you know why it drains down in a short amount of time if you leave your lights on with the engine turned off such that it is not recharging. Li-ion batteries, the shortened form of Lithium-ion, have become more popular as the numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road have increased. They weigh less and store greater charges than conventional batteries. They tend to last between five and ten years. Lead-acid batteries supply enough short-burst energy to start your car, and they’re low maintenance. They are, however, sealed, which is a drawback because you cannot service them. They can only be replaced.

Choosing the Best Battery for Your Auto

You typically have four major considerations when purchasing a battery. These are voltage (the amount of stored energy with 12 volts being needed for most newer cars), current (indicating the stored energy flow and measured in amps), cold cranking amps (how many amps the battery can give at -17 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds, also called CCA), and cranking amps (abbreviated as CA, the amps available for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Celsius). Your owner’s manual has relevant information. You’ll find various brands and warranties at auto parts stores.

Don’t Make the Wrong Choice

The brand you buy is not as important as purchasing the right size. If the battery is too small, you may experience difficulties in starting your car. If you pick one too large, it may not fit into the allotted space in your vehicle. It could also harm your alternator.

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