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BUS101: Introduction to Fleet Management

We’re Your Partner for Fleet Management

Like a kid in a toy store, you’ll be asking yourself, “Do I want cars, vans, or trucks?” Perhaps, you’ll want a mix of all three! That’s just one matter you’ll have to consider when looking for commercial vehicles. It certainly can be a very rewarding venture, but you want to make sure you fully understand the pros and cons that attach themselves to this type of undertaking. Once you decide on the type of vehicles that will suit you best, you’ll have to figure out how many you will need, where to purchase them, how much you can spend, how you’ll manage them, and who will maintain them. Is your head spinning yet? Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, will make for an excellent choice as your fleet management partner!

Reduce the Need for Costly Repairs, Routine Maintenance

Because routine preventive care is such a big part of owning a fleet, having a reputable auto shop to keep up with scheduling and maintenance can take a huge chunk of stress off your shoulders. This is especially true if you have a variety of vehicles in your fleet because they’ll each have individual needs. Timely oil and filter changes, fluid refreshers, safety inspections, and tire checks are only some of the services they’ll need to keep up with. Whether you have two vehicles or a hundred vehicles in your fleet, the schedules for each will be created based on manufacturer guidelines to ensure the work complies with warranties. At Silver Lake Auto & Tire, we have years of experience maintaining company fleets of all sizes.

What is the Driver’s Role in Running a Healthy Fleet?

Keeping a fleet in shape doesn’t stop at prevention maintenance. You must hold drivers accountable when it comes to practicing good driving habits. Create ways of driving home (no pun intended!) how much their actions affect fuel efficiency. Emphasize that hard braking and accelerating are especially rough on vehicles. Provide training if necessary on how sitting with the vehicle running, driving erratically, and overusing the A/C are poor habits that will cost the company money. If they take pride in their work and care about their job and the success of the company, they’ll be on board. It truly does take the whole team to run a fleet. If you’re interested in more details about fleet service, call our center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin!

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers