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The braking system is the most important safety component on your vehicle. Vehicle owners should treat their vehicle’s brakes with the same attention that they give their tires. Services for both components will depend on the driving habits of the owner. If you tend to have a “lead foot” and you brake late, chances are you will need brake pad replacements sooner than later. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Brookfield, WI has a team of ASE Certified technicians who specialize in quality brake repairs for all makes and models. Our complete and timely brake services are meant to help you avoid costly brake repairs.

All we need is your vehicle, and your trust! We’ll handle the rest. That means providing a preventative brake check service for your vehicle. Our braking system diagnosis will identify any current or potential problems with your brakes. You’ll be safer on the road when you know the condition of your braking system. We’re not here to schedule unnecessary repairs, but to make sure you have the most accurate information. You and your fellow passengers will experience smoother, safer, and comfortable road travel when your brakes are responding efficiently.

Accurate Braking System Diagnostics

When customers pay attention to their brake performance, they can save themselves a lot of stress and money. The braking system is designed to give you plenty of warning signs, long before a brake repair is needed. The first warning, we’ve all heard before. If it wasn’t from our own vehicle, then it was the vehicle in the next lane. The high-pitched squealing every time you apply your brakes means the brake pads have worn too low. This is how they were designed. However, drivers can miss this warning because their car stereo is too loud, or the windows are rolled up. It’s a good idea to occasionally drive with the windows down so you can hear any problems with your brakes.

If you continue to drive your vehicle (squealing brakes and all) without seeking professional attention, a costly brake repair is inevitable. Replacing the brake pads is routine wear-and-tear, and should be expected. But when you fail to replace the brake pads in a timely manner, the brake rotors will need to be replaced as well. Our goal is to help you avoid those unnecessary brake repairs by providing a quick, convenient, and early brake services.

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Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Brookfield, WI wants you to know that our brake specialists are waiting for your call or your visit. We use the latest technologies and diagnostic equipment to provide quality brake service. Take care of your brakes and they’ll take care of you and your fellow passengers. Let us show you how! Give us a call at our Brookfield location today–262-804-9969–to schedule a brake repair appointment for your car, truck, or SUV. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system.