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BMW Interesting Facts

Lots of Fun Things to Learn About BMW — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

If you own and drive a BMW, you certainly know many things about your car. You know that it’s a great car, reliable and stylish. You also know that it’s regarded as a status symbol. But did you know there are many more fun facts just waiting to be discovered about your prized automobile? A review of this information will have you well prepared for trivia game night if a BMW question comes your way. For additional information about your car and great BMW repair, visit the ASE certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Who Knew?

Who knew the BMW line was much more interesting than some other brands? First, BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), founded in 1916, first produced aircraft engines, not automobiles. They also made various mundane items such as bus and equipment engines, household goods, and railroad brakes. It was a peace treaty, however, that ultimately led the company to shift from their mainstay production of aircraft engines to cars. When the Treaty of Versailles ended World War I, German companies were no longer allowed to make war products such as engines for military aircraft. Therefore, they shifted their assembly lines to motorcycles and cars. True to their roots, the iconic BMW logo is actually a nod to the flag of Bavaria, the company’s home state. The very first car was called the Dixi, and the company developed an electric auto (though it was never released) in 1972.

Even the company headquarters is interesting. The building is designed to look like the 4-cylinder BMW engine. They’re well connected with other car lines, as well. While they almost had to merge with Mercedes-Benz during hard times in the 1950’s, they eventually became strong enough to own Rolls Royce, Mini Cooper, and Land Rover. They also had a business deal with Lamborghini to manufacture a car jointly. When the other company pulled out, they finished the build that led to the M1. Keen on racing, they also built the world’s fastest motorcycle. Always stylish, the company is known for its famous kidney grill. Finally, to preserve their long legacy, they still make parts to fit their old cars.

We Find Your BMW Interesting, Too

We understand that you love your vehicle, particularly after adding so many fun facts to your knowledge base. We find your car interesting, too. For expert service and repair performed by dedicated ASE-certified technicians, bring your BMW to Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers. We’ll help you keep your BMW fun to drive for a long time to come.

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